Ensure a Smooth Mid-Year Transition With This Guide! 

Mid-Year Homeschool Transitioning Guide

No purchase necessary; courtesy of Time4Learning.com.

This ebook guides new homeschooling parents through the steps of transitioning a student from a traditional school into homeschooling mid-year. Experienced homeschoolers will also find this guide helpful when thinking about switching curriculum during the middle of the year. Download the PDF now and make your homeschool transition stress-free!

Me and my children love this website.

"Its 100% hassle free. Grades are automatically recorded and make it very easy to identify my children's strengths and weaknesses. The assignments are module based and there is a quiz after every assignment. Most of the assignments are cartoons and games, which keeps things interesting and fun to learn. All I can say is thanks Time4Learning for making homeschooling a fun and educational experience."

- Tisha C.